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From: W One []
Sent: Tuesday, July 14, 2009 5:37 PM
Subject: accept homosexuality as it is

Separating homosexuality from society and defining gays as a community as if it is on some other planet is just a nonsense! Gays are in all type of people, whether they are rich, poor or middle class, whether musicians, doctors, politicians and or religious people (leaders too!). Simply because it is a natural phenomenon.

If some politicians or religious leaders are opposing to remove homosexuality from IPC, they would need to be explained that there are people from their party who are gays or keep homosexual relations. So they want such people to be exposed? will they disqualify them from their party? Will religious houses take action against such leaders who are gay! May those political parties remove such persons from their party one religious institutions and see what happens! I am sure political parities and religious houses will soon realize how good and important people they are.

So, without wasting any time and debating or bringing the issue to Supreme Court, verdict of Delhi High be accepted immediately. Enough discussions have taken place while hearing the case in High Court. In fact, Government and or SC should ask other High Courts of all the States to implement the High Court verdict.


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