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A separate ghetto for homosexuals?

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A separate ghetto for homosexuals?

JAIPUR, 1 Aug.: The reluctance of mainstream society and moral crusaders to accept sexual minorities into its fold seems to have strengthened in the aftermath of the recent Delhi High Court judgment legalising gay sex as a PIL has been filed at the district and sessions court in Ajmer district of Rajasthan demanding the state government to identify, segregate and set up separate living spaces for homosexual individuals away from the city. The petitioners have also justified these homosexual ghettos claiming that same sex love was the root cause of transmission of sexual diseases and will also have an adverse effect on the morality of youth and children.

Speaking to ‘The Statesman’, Advocate Mr Kamal Singh Rathore, legal counsel for the petitioners Subash Bhadoria and Shivdutt Parashar, said that the PIL was filed since there was a dire need for the government to identify same-sex lovers and separate them from the mainstream society in the aftermath of the recent court order legalising gay sex between consenting adults. Ironically he also claims that the petition was not directed against the Delhi High Court order but to ensure that the moral and social framework is not broken down in order to accommodate these sexual minorities.
“It is just not part of our culture and traditional values to have such activities in our midst. So the only option is that the government should ensure all measures to set up separate colony for these people. Otherwise bad influence on growing children,” said advocate KS Rathore.

The petitioners have also asked the government to identify and prepare a list of homosexuals in the district inorder to facilitate their proper ‘rehabilitation’. One of the petitioners Subash Bhadoria, a self proclaimed local PIL activist even told The Statesman that only mentally retarded individuals indulge in unnatural sexual relationships and the concept was against the religious beliefs of both Hindus and Muslims. “We will ensure that the government takes proper steps to protect our culture and tradition.,” he added. The PIL was initially rejected by a lower court in Ajmer but the petitioners filed a review petition before the sessions court on the basis of which a notice has been issued to Ajmer district collector asking for a reply before 18 August in the matter.
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