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Our Own Place for the Older lGBT–write to ashok kavi directly

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Courtesy lgbtindia

From: arowkavi
> Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2009 07:32:01 +0000
> Subject: [lgbt-india] Our Own Place for the Older lGBT
> An LGBT Refuge and Old Age Home
> Everyone has a place in society and most of us must create one; we are different and diverse in culture, creed and color but most understand that our orientation is something unique only to us.
> Well, my little Prince, Manavender Singh of Rajpipla, has an old age home planned in Rajpipla but as an urban Indian, I’m not sure I want to end up in the backwaters of this great turbulent nation at the cross roads, far from immediate medical help. At the same time, I will not be a relegated to the past so easily. Not only will I be alone but I will also be lonely if I don’t have a partner.
> The concept of an Old Age Home for LGBT people has been discussed within the Board of Humsafar Trust, friends and colleagues across the spectrum. After studying some of the sad cases of gay men of means becoming bitter and badly-mannered faggots in their old age, it’s better to stop the slide downhill for our older brethren and that’s what this concept is all about.
> Can we have a communal living unit under one roof without the vulnerabilities of either being alone or lonely built out of the system? Yes we can if it’s well planned.
> This is an effort to do that – and its been shaping up over the last five years after talking to scores of people.
> If there are older LGBT people out on this list please write to me so I can share the concept and go forward with it seriously. I need a quorum of at least 25 to move this forward and I don’t think it’s too much to find them within our communities. Humsafar has always had a tradition of being innovative and pioneering in many ways. Maybe we can all pull this off with support from the Humsafar Parivar and INFOSEM.
> Thanks for reading this. So if you’re 55 or above, do write in and we can chat, exchange emails or meet to give shape to this project as soon as possible.
> Ashok Row Kavi

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